• Throwing Away the Umbrella? Minority Voting After the Supreme Court's Shelby Decision (with Mayya Komisarchik) (Conditional Accept at QJPS)(working paper)
  • Participatory Implications of Child Welfare System Contact (with Marie-Pascale Grimon, Rebecca Goldstein, Kelley Fong)(working paper)
  • “No longer a number”: Testing new ways to find and engage newly-reenfranchised people in New Jersey (with Hannah Walker, Melissa Michelson, Sam Roth)(working paper)
  • Reincorporating Returning Citizens into Political Life (with Jennifer Doleac, Laurel Eckhouse, Eric Foster-Moore, Allison Harris, and Hannah Walker)(working paper)
  • Evaluating the Minority Candidate Penalty with a Regression Discontinuity Approach (with Bernard Fraga, Eric Gonzalez Juenke, and Paru Shah)(Forthcoming at BJPS)(working note)
  • How Police Behavior Shapes Perceptions of Protest (with Jasmine English, Laurel Eckhouse)(R&R at Perspectives on Politics)(working paper)
  • Prison Populations and Redistricting Outcomes (with Zach Markovich and Helen Webley-Brown)
  • How Street-level Bureaucrats Respond to Public Pressure (several projects)