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(Replication Data)

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(Replication Data)


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(Replication Data)(Online Appendix) 
MediaWashington Post's Monkey Cage, NPR's The Takeaway, and The Atlantic's Citylab 
Also: cited in expert testimony
Also: received the Heinz Eulau award for best paper in APSR 2015


Working Papers

Trump, Kris-Stella, and Ariel White. Working Paper. “The Promises & Pitfalls of 311 Data”. Forthcoming, Urban Affairs Review
Pdf version, Online Appendix

White, Ariel. Working Paper. “Misdemeanor Disenfranchisement? The demobilizing effects of brief jail spells on potential voters”.
Current draft

White, Ariel. Working Paper. "Locking Up the Vote: Household Spillovers of Incarceration".

White, Ariel, Benjamin Schneer, and Gary King. Working Paper. “Methods for Extremely Large Scale Media Experiments and Observational Studies”.
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White, Ariel, Anton Strezhnev, Christopher Lucas, Dominika Kruszewska, and Connor Huff. Working Paper. “Investigator Characteristics and Respondent Behavior in Online Surveys.”.
Current draft

White, Ariel, and Kris-Stella Trump. Working Paper. “Does Inequality Activate The System Justification Motivation?”.
Current draft